Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair is a company that organizes art fairs across the globe with one goal: making art affordable for everyone. The art fair has been hosted in the Netherlands for twelve years and the Kromhouthal is the Dutch venue that has the honor of hosting it since 2013.


About the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

The 2017 edition of the Affordable Art Fair was a huge success: almost 14.000 visitors bought a grand total of 1.7M worth of art. That’s why the Affordable Art Fair won’t just return to the Kromhouthal in 2018, but for many years to come.

In short

  • Art fair that sells art for affordable prices.
  • Making art accessible to everyone.
  • Annually recurring fair with editions across the globe.

Kris Clark, Fair Director at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam about the Kromhouthal:

“We relocated to the Kromhouthal five years ago because of the unprecedented possibilities regarding logistics and infrastructure here. Because our fair lasts for a whole week, we transform the entire Kromhouthal to a large exhibition space with thousands of works of art. Due to the loading and unloading of all those works of art, logistically it’s a major undertaking. But all the trucks can unload right in front of the door, we can park anywhere and everything is taken care of. That allows us to focus on what matters: organizing a fair where we can share affordable art with everyone.”


Complete Art Experience
The whole Kromhouthal is rebuilt to harbor all the participants and works of art. The hall is equipped as a complete art experience. There’s little need for decoration, the emphasis has to be on the works of art. Moreover, the raw and industrial look and feel of the Kromhouthal already provide a sufficiently exciting backdrop for the art fair. The stands are rented out to galleries that bring in works of art from a wide range of artistic trends and parts of the world. This way, visitors are offered the unique chance to buy a nice work of art to display at home. The Kromhouthal is indeed exactly the kind of venue the Affordable Art Fair looks for to organize their fairs across the world.



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