Cross Media Awards 2020

Cross Media Awards 2020 were presented on Wednesday July 1 in two sessions; during Cross Media Awards Lunch and Cross Media Awards Dinner 2020 in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam Noord. Cross Media Awards was the first major real live event in the Netherlands after the corona lock-down.


About Cross Media Awards 2020

Crossmedia is one of the largest and most relevant themes in the media, which operators, agencies and advertisers deal with on a daily basis. It is no exaggeration to say that much of the dynamics in the media are caused by the development of cross-media.
The Cross Media Awards – presented for the first time in 2013 – is the only trade award that focuses on crossmedia. The cases are constructed in an interview form and presented to the jury. Participants can indicate for each case whether it can be published on relevant specialist media such as Dutch MediaNews and Marketing Report. Cross Media Awards is one of the few professional awards that actually makes a contribution to the development of the profession. At the same time, this means that all participants can get a podium and not just nominees and winners.

In short

  • The Cross Media Awards is a platform for knowledge sharing and networking at the highest level. Dozens of media operators, producers, agencies and advertisers are brought together.
  • The Cross Media Awards are presented to the entrants of the best cross media cases of the year. Participants included: LINDA., Talpa Network, Jumbo, Ziggo and Heineken.
  • The Cross Media Awards was the only awards and media and marketing communications to take place in the first half of 2020.



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