• A fair at the Kromhouthal

    The Kromhouthal is one of the most popular destinations for large fairs in Amsterdam, thanks in part to the large floor space and the oblong shape of the central hall. In addition, we offer a perfect infrastructure, making it much easier to build a fair from the ground up.

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Possibilities for a fair

Fairs work best when stands have enough room. The oblong central hall has a massive floor space and is very suitable for large fairs. By placing stands on both sides of the hall, or randomly across the floor space, a street can be created inside the building. There’s plenty of space to create good walking routes and there’s high voltage current at several points to supply the stands with power.

  • 200-3000 people

  • 3588 m2

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Lighting and blackout possibilities

  • Wifi / Fibre optics

All under one roof


Clients are free to choose their own caterer at the Kromhouthal. Our team does have a large network of good caterers and may be able to assist you in finding the perfect solution. If a client wishes to use their own supplier, our team would like to get in touch with them beforehand to discuss the possibilities. In addition, the Kromhouthal has a large catering space of 260m2 available for use, fitted with a cold-storage room, an extractor system, and high-voltage current.


The same applies to technology suppliers: clients are free in choosing their own, but our team has a large network of technology suppliers if you need help finding the right one. If a client wishes to use their own supplier, our team would like to get in touch with them beforehand to discuss the possibilities. All basic facilities such as fast internet, excellent lighting installations, disabled toilet, goods lift, decoration possibilities and more are available for use.


A spacious event to put the spotlight on keynote speakers, or rather an intimate setting by means of a smart layout: the Kromhouthal offers endless possibilities. The central hall can be divided into two parts by a large cloth screen to create multiple plenary sessions. In addition, our many break-out rooms make it possible to create several separate areas.


Modern large events benefit from many break-out rooms to spread large groups of people across a congress, fair or company party. The Kromhouthal has a large number of break-outs available to meet that need. There’s a total of six break-out rooms, varying in capacity from 150 to 500. Please note: break-out rooms can’t be booked separately, only in combination with the central hall.

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Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your fair at the Kromhouthal? We offer:

  • Easily accessible by car, boat or public transport
  • Private parking in front of the door
  • Situated at the IJ with large terrace
  • At the heart of creative and bustling North Amsterdam
  • Impressive industrial venue
  • Enthusiastic team with 10 years of experience

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