A fair in De Kromhouthal

The Kromhouthal is one of the most popular destinations for large trade fairs in Amsterdam, partly thanks to the large floor area and the elongated shape of the central hall. Moreover, we offer a perfect infrastructure, which makes it easy to build an exhibition from the ground up.

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Fairs possibilities

Possibilities for an exhibitionaExhibitions work best if stands have the space. The Kromhouthal is elongated in shape with a large floor area and is therefore very suitable for exhibitions. Placing stands on both sides of the hall, or simply randomly mixing them up, creates a street within a building, as it were. There is sufficient space to create walking routes and power connections are distributed throughout the hall to supply the stands with power.

Group 252

200 – 3000 persons

Group 253

3588 m2

Group 256

Wheelchair accessible

Group 258

Lighting and

Group 260

WiFi / Fiber Optic

All under one roof

At De Kromhouthal, clients are free to select caterers. Our team does have a large network of good caterers and can help you find the right solution. If there is a need for your own supplier, our team will be happy to get in touch with them to discuss the possibilities. The Kromhouthal also has a large catering area of 260 m2, which is equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, an extraction system and three-phase power.

The same applies to technology: clients are free to select technology suppliers, but our team can also help you find the right supplier. If there is a need for your own supplier, our team will be happy to get in touch with them to discuss the possibilities. All basic facilities such as fast internet, excellent lighting installations, disabled toilet, goods lift, possibilities for decorations and more are available.

A spatial event to focus on keynote speakers, or an intimate setting through a smart distribution: you can go in all directions at De Kromhouthal. The central hall can be divided into two different parts by means of a large canvas, in order to create two plenary spaces. Moreover, the many break-out areas offer the possibility to create additional areas.

Modern, large events benefit from many break-out spaces to divide large groups of people over a conference, fair or company party. The Kromhouthal has a large number of break-out areas to meet that need. There are six different break-outs in total, varying in capacity from 150 to 500. Please note: break-out areas cannot be booked separately, only in combination with the central hall.


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