• History the Kromhouthal

    The Kromhouthal has a rich history. That history starts with the name: ‘kromhout’ (knee timber) is a kind of wood that has natural ‘knees’ or angles in it. It was frequently used in shipbuilding in the 18th century.

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Then, a yard where engines were manufactured

The shipbuilding yard ‘t Kromhout of the Goedkoop family started manufacturing wood sailing ships with this knee timber in the 18th century in Amsterdam East. They later switched to the manufacturing of iron steamers. To meet the increasing demand of their ships and engines, the engine division of shipbuilding yard ‘t Kromhout moved to the area where the Kromhouthal now resides. After several expansions of the area, the IJ-side of the Kromhouthal was added to the yard. For years, many massive engines were manufactured, until the demand dropped and production declined.

Machine factory STORK resided in the neighboring Ketelstraat and was growing fast. STORK produced all sorts of machinery for the food industry and took over the yard, including the adjacent DRAKA. That’s when the area grew to the size the Overkant still has today.

Today, a highly appreciated event venue in Amsterdam

Since 2009, when a rental housing organization bought the yard with plans to boost the entire area, the face of the area surrounding the Kromhouthal has changed. The terrain was christened the Overkant and was envisioned to be the new creative hotspot of the Amsterdam area.

North Amsterdam has since quickly developed as the bustling and cultural heart of Amsterdam. The Kromhouthal has played a role in the development of the area. Thanks to many investments the Kromhouthal has slowly but surely emerged as a highly appreciated event venue in Amsterdam. And that’s how a once lively industrial strip at the IJ was transformed to the bustling event strip it is today.

The future is bright

Amsterdam North will keep developing: it’s set out to be Amsterdam’s ‘Meatpacking District’. There are plans for a hotel to be built right across the Kromhouthal and apartments will emerge in the area. The North-South metro line has just been finished and improve the logistics of the area, and a bridge will be built over the IJ to connect the area with the city centre.

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