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    The Kromhouthal is an event venue at the IJ in North Amsterdam. The impressive industrial venue of over 5000m2 has been transformed to an event venue after decades of history as a manufacturing hall. In the past six years, the venue has blossomed into a leading destination for a wide range of events in Amsterdam.

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About the Kromhouthal

The Kromhouthal was named after the rich history of the hall and the surrounding area. In bygone days, this was the home ground of ‘t Kromhout, manufacturer of large marine engines. For decades, this area was the scene of hard labor. That rich history is not only cherished in the name, but is also still visible and tangible today and lends luster to any event.

On top of that rich history, the Kromhouthal is at the heart of creative and bustling North Amsterdam area, it’s beautifully situated at the IJ, and it’s a highly flexible location. It’s a prime venue for any imaginable event. It’s no coincidence the Kromhouthal already hosted some large and well-known events such as the Affordable Art Fair, Emerce E-Day, Dance4Life, and large corporate events for companies such as Google, Booking.com and Mercedes. From fair to congress, from product presentation to dinner party; the Kromhouthal is suitable for any type of event.

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  • Easily accessible by car, boat or public transport
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  • Situated at the IJ with large terrace
  • At the heart of creative and bustling North Amsterdam
  • Impressive industrial venue
  • Enthusiastic team with 10 years of experience

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