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De Kromhouthal is an event location on the IJ in Amsterdam North. After decades of use as a factory hall, the imposing industrial location of over 5000 m2 was transformed into an event location in 2012. In the past ten years it has grown into a leading destination for various events in Amsterdam.


De Kromhouthal owes its name to the rich history of the hall and the surrounding area. This used to be the home base of De Kromhout, manufacturer of large marine engines. For years the site was the backdrop of hard work. That rich history is not only cherished in the name, but is also still visible and tangible everywhere and gives every event extra shine.

Add to that the creative and vibrant environment of Amsterdam Noord, the beautiful location on the IJ, and the enormous flexibility that a large factory hall offers; and you have a prime location for every conceivable event. It is no coincidence that De Kromhouthal already organized major events such as the Affordable Art Fair, Emerce E-day, Dance4Life, and major corporate events for companies such as Google, Booking.com and Mercedes. From fair to congress, from product presentation to gala dinner; The Kromhouthal is suitable for any type of event.

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