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    In the past years, the Kromhouthal has made substantial investments in excellent facilities to be able to support every event. All basic facilities, such as good lighting, are present and for every special desire we have a large network of suppliers that can make anything happen.

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  • Free high-speed and reliable internet: there are multiple WiFi networks available that use our high-speed fibre optic networks (100 Mbit up and down en 500 Mbit up and down). The networks can be customized with your own network name and password.
  • Overhead cranes: The Kromhouthal has seven overhead cranes that can be moved across the entire length of the hall. They are very suitable for rigging and to suspend decorations from for events.
  • Blackout: the roof at the IJ-side is fitted with electronic blinds, allowing for complete blackout possibilities. The front side of the Kromhouthal can be darkened manually.
  • Banners: large company banners can be strung across the front side and back side of the Kromhouthal.
  • Dividing the hall: The Kromhouthal can easily be divided into several separate areas by means of large cloth screens, suspended from the overhead cranes.
  • Terrace: at the IJ-side, the Kromhouthal has a terrace that looks out over the water and the skyline of Amsterdam.
  • Wheelchair accessible: the Kromhouthal is wheelchair accessible. The hall is completely level, there’s a lift to reach the break-out rooms on the second floor and there’s a disabled toilet.

Event spaces

The Kromhouthal boasts a private jetty to receive parties by boat. The courtyard that lies between the jetty and the Kromhouthal can be used for events as well. Please note: the break-out rooms can’t be booked separately, only in combination with the central hall.

  • The Kromhouthal (central hall)
    • 3.588 m2
    • 2.300 people

    The central hall of the Kromhouthal is the most important space of the event venue. It’s fit for events in all shapes and sizes, from fairs to congresses and from exhibitions to company parties. The central hall is 2588 m2 and has a capacity of 2300 people.

  • Studio T02
    • 516 m2
    • 250 people

    Studio T02 borders directly on the central hall and with its 516 m2 of floor surface it offers a bit more space than break-out rooms North and South. This space is on the ground floor and is very suitable as a break-out for large events.

  • Break-out North
    • 177 m2
    • 150 people

    Break-out North is one of the break-out rooms that borders on the central hall. The space is suitable for meetings and events, or as a break-out from a larger event in the central hall. Break-out North is 177 m2 and has a capacity of 150 people.

  • Break-out South
    • 203 m2
    • 150 people

    Break-out South also borders on the central hall and is suitable as a break-out for larger events. Break-out South is slightly larger than break-out North with 203 m2 and a capacity of 150 people.

  • Dansmakers Theater T01
    • 667 m2
    • 300 people

    The theater from dance group Dansmakers is available for rent for an event. With the stage, the lighting and audio installation, this space is perfect for a presentation. The theater can’t be accessed directly from the central hall.

  • Kitchen
    • 260 m2
    • 150 people

    The large kitchen is not available as an event space, but it is available as a catering space for a large event. The kitchen is 260 m2 and fitted with all the necessary equipment.

  • Jetty and Courtyard
    • 1.300 m2
    • 800 people

    At the IJ-side of the Kromhouthal is a private jetty to receive parties by boat. The courtyard between the jetty and the Kromhouthal is available for events as well.

  • Terrace
    • 1.300 m2
    • 800 people




An important aspect of any event is the catering and decoration to leave an unforgettable impression with your guests. Our team has been able to cater for many beautiful events in recent years with our private catering label and we are happy to discuss the wishes and possibilities together. We also like to give our clients the freedom to select an external caterer. If there is a need for our own supplier, our team will be happy to contact them to discuss the possibilities. The Kromhouthal has a large catering space of 260m2 available for use, fitted with a cold-storage room, an extractor system, and high-voltage current.


The same applies to technology suppliers: clients are free in choosing their own, but our team has a large network of technology suppliers if you need help finding the right one. If a client wishes to use their own supplier, our team would like to get in touch with them beforehand to discuss the possibilities. All basic facilities such as fast internet, excellent lighting installations, disabled toilet, goods lift, decoration possibilities and more are available for use.


A spacious event to put the spotlight on keynote speakers, or rather an intimate setting by means of a smart layout: the Kromhouthal offers endless possibilities. The central hall can be divided into two parts by a large cloth screen to create multiple plenary sessions. In addition, our many break-out rooms make it possible to create several separate areas.


Modern large events benefit from many break-out rooms to spread large groups of people across a congress, fair or company party. The Kromhouthal has a large number of break-outs available to meet that need. There’s a total of six break-out rooms, varying in capacity from 150 to 500. Please note: break-out rooms can’t be booked separately, only in combination with the central hall.


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